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Red Teaming Toolkit

Your strategic arsenal for simulated cyber attacks, equipped with advanced penetration testing tools, threat emulation, and intelligence analysis to fortify defenses through real-world adversarial simulations.


Improved Visibility

Discover all external assets, including shadow IT, forgotten infrastructure, & misconfigurations

Continuous Discovery

Automate IT asset discovery and continuously map out your organization’s external attack surface

Up-to-Date Inventory

Confirm your organization’s assets to generate an up-to-date IT asset inventory that keeps up with growth

Threat Intelligence Data

Gain insights into hidden risks like credential dumps, dark web mentions, botnets, malware, & more

Risk Assessment

Check confirmed assets for common vulnerabilities & assign each one a risk score to prioritize remediation

Stronger Security Posture

Reduce risk and fix issues that provide measurable results for your security program

What We Offer

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