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Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Prepare for, manage, and respond to major cyber security incidents while minimizing the overall organizational impact.
We offer both remote and on-site support in reducing potential data loss and effectively recovering from an attack. Once engaged, our DFIR personnel isolates any unwanted activity and contains it. The team identifies the source of any security breach (where possible), and determine its full extent. In addition, our cyber security experts prepare a thorough incident report detailing the impact of the investigation and any relevant findings. Where necessary, our team also has experience in serving in the capacity of litigation support.
Service Components
• Providing a management report detailing the findings
• Assisting in data collection and providing chain-of-custody
• Establishing a detailed timeline and reconstructing attacks Identifying tools and methods employed by attackers
• Containing the source of unwanted activity
• Working with authorities in transitioning case evidence
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