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The $25 Million Fake Boss Scam!

Imagine getting a video call from your boss, but it turns out it wasn’t really them – it was a fake! That’s exactly what happened in a big company, where a worker was tricked into sending $25 million to the wrong people.

What Happened?

The worker got an email and a video call that looked like it was from the big boss and other team members. They asked to send a lot of money quickly. Everything seemed real, so the worker did it. But later, they found out it was all a trick – the video was made by a computer to look and sound like the real people.

How Did They Do It?

The tricksters used something called ‘deepfake’ technology. It’s like a super-advanced filter that can make anyone look and sound like someone else. In this case, they made it look like the boss was asking for the money.

What’s Next?

After the worker double-checked with the real head office, everyone realized it was a scam. Now, everyone’s talking about how we need to be more careful with technology and make sure we’re really talking to who we think we are. This story, shows the dangers of deepfake technology and how it can be used to fool us.

Keep Your Eyes Open!

This story is a big warning for all of us. We need to keep an eye out for fakes and make sure our money is safe. It’s important to double-check things before we act, especially when it’s about sending money or personal info.


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