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Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Deeper insights and earlier attack detection – based on knowledge of adversaries’ modus operandi. Our Threat Intelligence (TI) team enables the rapid detection of deceptions and threat actors in a way that is accurate, relevant, and actionable.
Our experts utilize threat methodologies, dedicated intelligence, and automated procedures to proactively identify, integrate, and correlate vulnerabilities, assess impact, and prevent critical incidents. The CDC has an early warning system that provides pre-emptive alerts for imminent threats and translates this intelligence into security actions.
By proactively detecting cyber threats in near real time, we analyse, categorize, and prioritize cyber threats using proprietary data mining algorithms and unique deep learning capabilities.

Service Components
• Tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) analysis
• Targeted phishing identification, investigation, and takedown IOC sharing & implementation
• Alert investigation and brand monitoring Periodic and on demand reports
• Domain squatting Enhanced Security Services
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