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Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Identify, contextualize, and validate vulnerabilities and assist in prioritization, remediation, and mitigation of exposure. We provide a holistic approach to managing vulnerability risks to uncover weaknesses in your organization.
Our threat centric approach to vulnerability management helps provide organizations with an accurate view of risk exposure. We utilize threat methodologies, dedicated intelligence, and automated procedures to proactively identify vulnerabilities, assess impact and prevent critical incidents. As an integral part of the our service platform, vulnerability intelligence findings are picked up by our security analysts who review simulation reports and recommendations and decide how best to respond.

Service Components
• Continuous vulnerability detection
• Vulnerability data centralization and de-duplication
• Event correlation and prioritization
• Breach & attack and lateral movement simulation
• Automated Red Team and Blue Team exercises
• Simulation of real-life attack exposing your crown jewels
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