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DC Ransomware Defender

"Every 8 Seconds, a Ransomware attack occurs."

Ransomware is a malicious software that encrypts files and demands a ransom payment for their decryption, posing a severe risk to data integrity and operational continuity.

  • DC Ransomware Defender is a powerful and comprehensive cybersecurity solution

  • Designed to safeguard businesses from the growing threat of ransomware attacks

  • Engineered to detect, prevent, and respond to ransomware threats

  • Provides a robust defense against this rapidly evolving cyber menace

  • Virus Detonation

Global Ransomware Impact

Losses in 2023


Expected Losses by 2025


Average Ransom Ask


Product Features

SAAS on premises

Data Recovery

Virus Detonation

Decrypt Data on Local or Network

Supports Wide Range of File Formats

99% Data Recovery

Your Pathway to become

Ransomware Free

Average Ransom Demanded in case of a Ransomware Attack: $5.3Million

Concern regarding the consequences of data breaches, often involving Customer Sensitive Information

Frequent Cross-Border Regulatory Changes complicate Tracking, risking penalties for non-compliance

Data visibility limitations amplify insider threats, exposing company secrets


Backup your Valuable Data with Ransomware Detonation to safeguard from breaches

DC Defender self destructs the Data even if it is stolen, thus rendering it useless for perpetrators

Real Time Notifications & Automated Regulatory Compliance


File Integrity safeguards confidentiality, providing a God’s Eye View to maintain control over data access


Data Recovery

Compromised Data

Malware Elimination



Downtime Reduction

Enabling Normal Ops.

Cost Savings


in Legal Fees & Fines (min.)


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