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The New Standard
in Cyber Trade Craft

A cyber intelligence company focussing on security orchestration to combat cyber bullying, ransomwares, and breaches through cutting edge investigations, training and forensics.

Business Title

Let Your Cyber awareness Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Benefit from  of our commercial and LEA experience to manage your security operations in-house. We train your people, make sure you have the right processes in place, and help you choose the right technologies for your organization's needs.

Gain visibility of organizational risks and vulnerable assets

Act as an attacker to reveal complete attack routes to business assets and highlighting cybersecurity issues.


Our incident response teams address both business and security aspects of a crisis by mitigating the attack and conducting a thorough and timely investigation.

Cyber Data Science Acceleration

No speculations. No guestimations. No simulations.
Just concrete, data-driven, practical solutions.

Educate your team with relevant cyber skills

Improve the skills of your workforce, including employee awareness, cybersecurity for developers, executive table-top training, and red team building.

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

Business Continuity.
Seamless Certainty .

Data-driven decisions and actions

Real-time threat intelligence and leading experts’ support.

Optimized investment of cybersecurity programs

Gain a realistic understanding of your cyber risks.

Trusted experts at

your service.

Drive your security operations


We Take Pride in Our Numbers




AI Workforce


Attacks Scenarios Handled


CERT's wisdom


Product offerings

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Red team

Improve your defense by understanding the offense

Our security experts conduct reconnaissance, infiltrate networks and reach valuable business assets in order to support your blue team so that you can gain control over your network and be prepared for the next attack.

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